Our Services

Our expertise and knowledge of community and business development in smaller Yukon communities is actively sought. A key feature of our approach is our ability to understand the capacities of smaller enterprises and organizations and develop strategies that meet their real world challenges. Our ability to build client understanding and trust has been fundamental to the success of their plans and projects.

Our services include:

• Community economic development planning and capacity building
• Business planning
• Feasibility studies
• Opportunity identification
• Strategic planning focused on implementation; facilitation and evaluation
• Stimulating and objective facilitation
• Community consultations and engagement
• Community event planning, promotion and execution
• Development of long-term, self-sustaining programs, projects and plans
• Quantitative and qualitative research

We are particularly well-positioned to contribute to rural Yukon projects. We have extensive experience in the region and our involvement with a full range of agencies has given us a sound understanding of the ongoing initiatives and the requirements for success in this challenging environment.

A unique understanding of the regional connections and the relevant legal and regulatory requirements that affect the implementation of client visions has enabled us to become the go-to resource for project planning and fulfillment.

Value for money is always a client priority. Our existing knowledge of the region enables increased time to be allocated to actually delivering client needs. We find that successful implementation of projects is heavily dependent on the level of community engagement from day one. We are well practiced in building community partnerships and conducting comprehensive consultations. Our existing relationships in the area build confidence amongst the stakeholders and an open and constructive dialogue.

Please take a moment to review the list of clients and projects we have assisted and consider how we could help you, too. Senior officers of these organizations are happy to provide recommendations.

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