Our Clients

We have developed a broad client base, ranging from government (municipal, territorial and First Nation) to businesses, NGOs and community groups. Our recent work has focused on community and economic development related projects in the region of Dawson City and the Tr’öndek Hwëch’in Traditional Territory. These have been across multiple sectors including tourism, culture, knowledge and the mineral industry.

Our current and recent clients and projects include, amongst others:

• Klondike Development Organization
Community Economic Development Corporation
o Strategic Plan 2011-15: Needs Analysis, Opportunity Research and Capacity Building
o KDO Housing Strategy
o Regional Labour Market Development Strategy
o Local Procurement Strategy
o 2011-13 Enterprise and Investment Facilitation Services
o Development of Enterprise Support Tools and Property Search Tools
o Facilitation of eleven Partnership Fora
o Klondike Household Survey 2011
o Klondike Business Retention and Development Survey 2011
o Housing Market Research

• Tr’öndek Hwëch’in
o General Assembly Chair
o Regional Economic Development Plan (with Silvertip Business Consulting)
o Community-Based Economic Development Plan Implementation – Project Management
o Klondike World Heritage Site Feasibility Assessment – Interim Strategic Plan
o Pre-Feasibility Study – Mining and Environmental Services Business
o Feasibility Study – Employee Incentive Policy with commercial partner
o Feasibility Study – Direct Mail Marketing Program with commercial partner
o Rural Residential Subdivision Development. Research and analysis of Dawson real estate market (Sub-consultant of Southern Cross Solutions)

• Town of The City of Dawson
o Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw (with Urban Systems Limited)
o Municipal Services Review – Engagement and Consultation Survey
o ‘Take Back The River’ Waterfront Development – Project Management
o Waterfront Development – Planning for Implementation
o Heritage Management Plan – Development of Implementation Plan
o Heritage Management Plan – Implementation: OCP and Bylaw development, incentive programs, facilitation of public consultations
o Large Infrastructure Projects 2009 – Planning Advisory Services
o Pre-Feasibility Study – Community Economic Development Corporation
o Feasibility Study: Next Steps – Community Development Corporation

• Village of Carmacks
o 2013 Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw update
o Economic Development Strategy

• Yukon Government Department of Economic Development
o Municipal Options in Economic Development: Development Corporation Creation
o Tr’öndek Hwëch’in Regional Economic Development Plan: Community Based Implementation
o Village of Carmacks – Economic Development Status Review

• Yukon Government Department of Community Services
o Teslin Municipal Services Financial Analysis
o Development of Business Requirements in Relation to Asset Management in Yukon Communities
o Our Towns, Our Future – Municipal Sustainability Indicators Pilot Project
o Our Towns, Our Future – Analysis of Municipal Indicators
o Our Towns, Our Future – Work Plan: First Discussion Draft

• Yukon Government Department of Tourism and Culture
o Dawson City World Heritage Site – Preliminary Community Survey

• Low Impact Development Limited
o Affordable Home Ownership Business Plan
o Business Case Analysis of Residential Rental Complex

• Chief Isaac Group
o Business Plan for proposed acquisition – confidential

• Tourism Industry Association of Yukon
o Tourism Nodal Development Framework and Gap Identification in conjunction with Amuse
o Land Asset Identification and Analysis in conjunction with Mammoth Mapping

• Klondike Visitors Association
o Feasibility Study and Strategic Plan – Tourism Destination Central Point of Sales
o Dawson Central Reservation System – Implementation Project Management

• Klondike Placer Miners Association
o Feasibility Study – Klondike Palaeontology Centre

• Yukon College (Northern Climate Exchange)
o Feasibility Study – Climate Change and Science Centre in Dawson City

• Conservation Klondike Society
o Dawson Community Food Survey and Market Expansion Strategy

• Dawson City Chamber of Commerce
o Strategic Plan – Implementation Plan

• Top of the World Highland Games Association
o 2012 Top of the World Highland Games – Event Planning Phase

• Dawson Ski Association
o Maintenance and Storage Facility – Planning and Design including operational plan and regulatory approvals

• Dawson Firefighters Association
o Expanded Museum Facility – Planning and Design including business and operational plan, regulatory approvals

References from senior officers of these clients can be provided upon request.

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